David & Goliath

I know a lot of you are familiar with the Bible story of how David slew the giant Goliath as it is presented in 1 Sam. 17. Indeed every sunday school boy or girl could tell you all about this famous battle and in great detail. For that reason and because you are all advanced Bible students I purpose to offer you the action packed anti-type of this encounter as it has been given to us by Pastor P.S.L. Johnson.

Beginning with 1 Sam:171 “the Philistines gathered together their armies to battle” the Philistines type infidel sectarians, unbelieving scientists, atheists, agnostics, materialists, & evolutionists.

The men of Israel represent Bible believers outside the truth. Saul, their leader, types the crown lost princes of the 12 denominations.

The battle pictures the conflict between unbelievers and believers as to the truthfulness of the Bible as a Divine revelation during the Parousia.

The infidels (Philistines) stood for the kingdom of error (the mountain on one side) and the Israelites stood in a general way for the kingdom of truth (the mountain on the other side).

The valley between was the condition that separated the two camps of opposing warriors.

Goliath is introduced in Verse 4. This champion of the infidel hosts. His immense height of 9 ft. 8 inch., represents the great intellectual achievement powers of the leading evolutionist of that time like Charles Darwin who considered from the standpoint of the intellectual power and practical achievement is considered one of the 25 greatest humans of all times.

The giants armor as described in Verse 5,6,7 types the defensive and aggressive arguments of evolution as very powerful.

The helmet of brass types the strong intellectual defenses that this theory offered, the head representing the theory itself.

The coat of mail and it’s great weight represents evolution’s strong defensive arguments for it’s vital features, which included, the survival of the fittest and natural selection.

The greaves on the legs represent the strong arguments evolution offered for it’s idea of progress.

The target of the brass on his back between the shoulders represent evolution’s strong defenses even against it’s weaker points.

His great spear represents evolution’s controversial writings as numerous and strong. The spearhead with a weight of nearly 19 lbs. seems to represent Mr. Darwin’s two chief works on evolution, The origin of the Species and The Descent of Man.

The shield types the main defenses of evolution and the one who bore it the chief writers and debaters.

The sword typed evolution’s controversial discourses.

The combined weight of his armor and his weapons types the immense strength of this giant champion who represents evolution.

Goliaths challenge was directed toward all Bible believers The theory of evolution was considered undefeatable by it’s supporters and they were spoiling for a fight. They wanted to draw Bible believers into an open controversy. The idea was that if but one form infidelity could prevail against the ablest view of Christianity, the whole question of whether Christianity is true or not could be determined. The unbelievers called louder and louder for a debate because they felt they couldn’t lose.

Next we have Israel’s champion introduced and described. Br. Russell had at one time been a part of the nominal church and this is pictured in 1 Sam. 16:18-23 when David served Saul, but in 1 Sam. 17:15, David had returned to Bethlehem to feed his father’s sheep. This typed Br. Russell instructing the Little Flock, especially in the work of declaring the bride groom’s presence.

The 40 days of verse 16 represent the 40 years of parousia, the harvest of the gospel age 1874-1914.

Br. Russel was already engaged in a public work early in the morning of the Parousia. The parched corn represents tracts that were calculated to interest people in the truth. The 1- loaves of bread the 10 doctrines of the Bible as set forth in a deeper way in “Tabernacle Shadows”. As Br. Russell became more engaged in this public work he left the sheep in the care of the pilgrims and elders.

David’s running (verse 22) into the army represents Br. Russell’s zeal to be among the defenders of the Bible. His brothers are justified brethren of the churches. He realized from talking to them the effect the doctrine of evolution was having on the Bible defenders. As the Israelites discussed Goliath so Christian warrior discussed evolution. “Have you studied and understood evolution?” verse 25 (have you seen this man?)

Br. Russell was a humble quiet reserved man. He was not one to push himself to the forefront. These facts made him all the more sensitive to the fact that he and his faithful supporters so unpopular among the professed Christians. He felt this condition to be a severe handicap to his and their usefulness and he naturally thought that if this handicap could be removed, he and they could do more effective work for the Lord among professed Christians. This was the reason he inquired as to what would be done to the man who would slay the Philistine. Br. Russell was confident that the truth wielded by him would refute the doctrine of the uncircumcised Philistine. (The unconsecrated, non-believers.)

Notice the attack on Br. Russell as the antitype of David in verse 28. E-li-ab was David’s eldest brother represents the clergy. The clergy were well aware of Br. Russell’s teachings especially on evolution but his very presence among Bible students angered them. They thought Br. Russell more an infidel than a Bible believer and defender. Notice the questions! Why are you here? and with whom have you left those few sheep in the wilderness? They sought to belittle his ministry and they certainly accused him of pride and wickedness of heart as well as an unjust curiosity.

David’s answer in verse 29 is to the point for he demanded to be told what he had done wrong. David as an Israelite had every right to be at the battlefront and Br. Russell as a real defender of the Bible was justified in appearing among such when the Bible was being so fiercely attacked. If the ablest of all Bible defenders has no right to be there, then who did? Br. Russell’s claims that the truth which he held from the Bible would overthrow evolution became the talk among Bible defenders until it reached the ears of the crown lost leaders, antitypical Saul who was desperate to find a champion to meet Goliath.

Because of the time I will have to paraphrase the words of King Saul and David in verses 34-39.

David: No Bible believer should be afraid of evolution’s boasts, I will fight the giant for you.

Saul: You are not like us. You haven’t even graduated from a college of theology. Those evolution scholars and debaters will destroy you.

David: I have already defeated papacy’s doctrines (the lion) and sectarian protestant doctrines (the bear) and have delivered the lamb (the Lord’s people) form their mouth.

Saul: Well alright if you wear my armor you might have a chance. They offered Br Russell some of their defensive arguments but after he studied them he did not feel could adopt them to his use.

Preparing for the dual David in verse 40 took his staff in his hand picturing Br. Russell taking the Bible as his support in his conflict with evolution. The brook from which David took the five stones represents the truth, while the five stones represent 5 Bible doctrines.
1. Man created in the image of God
2. Man’s fall into sin
3. The ransom
4. The high calling
5. Restitution

These doctrines were worn smooth by the waters of truth running over them for a long time. Br. Russell used all of these doctrines effectively in his main writing against evolution, entitled The Bible Versus the Evolution Theory.

The Philistine champion was not very impressed when he saw David advancing to fight him and the evolutionists were not impressed by Br. Russell. The felt he was too young, gentle and kindly to be considered a threat. With only a Bible in his hand they considered him unarmed. We evolutionists have progressed beyond that moldy book, now out of date and behind the times. You must meet me with arguments of mature, reason and logic! If you choose to duel me you will be destroyed and no one will ever accept the Bible teachings again.

David’s answer was Br. Russell’s statement. “I come to thee in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel. And all shall know that the Lord saveth not with sword and spear, for the battle is of the Lord’s and he will give it into your hands.”

Then as the duelists approached one another David reached into his bag and took out one smooth stone which represent Br. Russell taking hold of the ransom doctrine as the strongest and most fit argument against evolution. The stone striking Goliath’s forehead represents our Pastor striking evolution in the most critical part of it’s theory, that is, that the 1st man was but one step removed from a monkey.

In the booklet, The Bible Versus the Evolution Theory by questions and answers Br. Russell used the ransom argument as follows: Divine Justice required an exact corresponding price for a debt, “a life for a life, an eye for an eye”, hence a perfect life for a perfect life. Therefore justice required the perfect man Jesus for the debt of the first man. Thefore the first man could not have been but a step above a monkey, but must have been perfect, in the character image of God. Perfect mentally, morally, physically and artistically.

This argument struck evolution right between the eyes, right on the forehead, the main feature of it’s theory, man’s descent from a monkey. The blow was so forceful as the to sink into Goliath’s forehead, thus wounding and killing him, so Br. Russell’s blow with the ransom argument stunned and refuted evolution into unconsciousness whereby it fell disgraced.

Now remember Goliath had a sword but that David went into battle without one. The sword types evolution’s discourse in which it stressed it’s main arguments for man’s supposed development. These were evidences of progress in knowledge, inventions, discovery and means of communication that marked the 19th century above all proceeding ones. To these evolution pointed in it’s lectures (with it’s sword) as the most postive proof that mankind was evolution mentally, morally, and religiously. These very arguments Br. Russell turned against evolution (He cut off Goliath’s head with his own sword).

The story of David and Goliath ends with the presentation of Israel’s champion to Israel’s king.

In the last chapter of 1 Sam: 17, Saul asks David “Who art thou” from his writings they found that Br. Russell was the graduate of no theological school, but was a member of God’s people and that of an undenominational Bible student, a Bethlehemite; for in the school of Christ in which the Bible is the book of texts; he found the Bible and the Bible alone to be the source and rule of doctrine, practice and organization for God’s faithful people.

Brother Detzler