The Bible tells us to seek meekness that ye may be partially hidden in the day of the Lords anger. None will entirely escape the trouble but those seeking righteousness and meekness will have many advantages. Their manner of life, their habits of thought and action as well as their sympathies for right will enable them to grasp the situation and to appreciate the Bible account of the trouble and it’s outcome.

Now as far as the chart itself during the Millennial Age, Israel will be the chief nation on Earth. Their restoration to perfect human nature as well as that of the world will be a gradual work requiring all the Millennial Age for its full accomplishment. During the thousand year reign of Christ the result of Adamic death will be gradually swallowed up. It’s various stages of sickness, pain and weakness as well as the tomb will yield obedience to the great redeemer’s power. Until at the end of the age the great pyramid of our chart will be complete. The Christ (x) will be the head of all things next to the Father. Next in order will be the great company (y) and next angels then Israel after the flesh (z). Then the world of men (w) restored to perfection of being like Adam before he sinned.

During the Millennial Age some will be destroyed from among the people. The first of these will be all who under full light and opportunity for one hundred years refuse to make progress toward righteousness and perfection and second will be all those who having progressed to perfection in a final testing at the close of the Millennial Age prove unfaithful. Such die the second death from which there is no resurrection or restitution promised. Just one full individual trial is provided and just one ransom will ever be given. Christ dieth no more.

The next dispensation will be so different as to be the very reverse of the present one in almost every way. Our Lord is going to use all the powers and forces of nature to give lessons and instructions. He will call for the corn to increase and for the wilderness to blossom as the rose. The whole earth will be at the command of the Lord and they shall teach every man his brother saying know the Lord for all shall know me from the least to the greatest. I will be merciful to their unrighteousness and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more. The people will say “Let us go to the mountain of the kingdom of the Lord and see how he is teaching the Jews he will teach us of his ways and he will walk in his paths for the law shall go forth from Mount Zion and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem and the desire of all nations shall come.”

Before we go on I think it is important that we should all keep in mind that the Earth is the basis of all these worlds and dispensations and though ages pass and dispensations change, still the earth continues. The Earth abideth forever. The heavens symbolizes the higher or spiritual controlling powers and Earth is used to symbolize the human government and social arrangements. The present world which includes the heavens and the earth will pass away with a great noise, fire, melting, confusion, trouble and dissolution. The strong man Satan being bound will struggle to retain his power. The present arrangement of government and society and not all the physical sky and earth will pass away. The present Earth, the human society as now organized under Satan’s control must symbolically melt and by dissolved in the beginning of the day of the Lord.. Which shall burn as an oven, it will be succeeded by a new Earth which of course will be society reorganized in harmony with Earth’s new prince (Christ). Righteousness, peace and love will rule among men when present arrangements have given place to the New and better Kingdom. The basis of which will be the strictest justice.

Now we all know that the scriptures teach that when the Kingdom of Messiah is inaugurated it will be during the greatest trouble the world has ever had. It is easy to imagine that many people will lose their lives. We also know from the scriptures that this time of trouble will be cut short so that not all flesh will be destroyed. A great many will pass over from the present to the new age. They will not need to die. They may raise up more and more to perfection and finally get everlasting life without ever going into the tomb.

Everyone is born under the sentence of death. It is not necessary that those who reprieve comes in should go the whole length in order to be awakened. The reprieve would over that. When the new covenant is established, it will not be necessary for those who are living to go down into death. Death will cease when the Kingdom has taken control. The new King will not only be opposed to people who have already died remaining dead but he will be opposed to the death of any who have been legally redeemed. This will include every member of the race of Adam.

As the Kingdom is established, it will begin with the Jews. They will be the first to be favored in the restitution time. God’s favor will come first to them through the ancient worthies and then through them afterwards to all the nations, kindreds, and tongues and thus all living nations will have a blessing from the Lord and their blessing will come in the very beginning of the dawn of the Millennial Age.

Brother Detzler