Collected Truth began as a place to share Brother Detzler’s written work regarding the Truth. Everything we posted were talks given by him around the world. However as the web site progressed, we began to incorporate material from Brother Russell and Brother Blanchette as well for they all can help us come to a closer understanding of the truth.

We try to transcribe everyone’s written work as exact as possible, taking great care when correcting a typo to not change the meaning of is being said. However, we at Collected Truth create typos of our own and we remind you that the material you find here, is only meant to discuss the truth. The Bible is the only definitive authority for truth and should always be your first source. Anything discussed here should be confirmed in your Bible.

Many people believe that Brother Russell and Johnson were founders of the Jehovah Witness and this is not the case. Russell and Johnson were never associated with Jehovah’s Witness. Joseph Rutherford formed the Jehovah’s Witness and disagreed with a great deal of what Russell and John taught.